Restful, Rejuvenating Getaways & Holidays

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Getting Away From It All

A stay at the Nirarta Centre for Living Awareness gives you the oppportunity for a complete rest from the usual contemporary lifestyle demands.

Without TV and radio, with limited internet availability, you have the time and space to rest and rejuvenate.

Enjoy wonderful food and comfortable accommodation in the peace and beauty of nature. You have ample opportunities for refreshing walks and engagement with the friendly, gentle Balinese people and culture.

Take it easy, in your own space and time, or make use of the services and holiday packages Nirarta offers.

Enjoy Rest and Renewal

Luxuriate at Nirarta and its surroundings

  • Relax and unwind
  • Soak up the gardens and natural setting
  • Enjoy tasty vegetarian and semi-vegetarian food
  • Bathe in the river, with its natural 24/7 ‘Jacuzzi’
  • Stroll in the rice fields
  • Hike in the hills
  • Meditate, reflect, read, write, study

Discover Hidden Bali

We can help you:

  • Learn about local culture, art, religion, and way of life
  • Enjoy guided visits to places of interest and beauty
  • Discover ‘hidden Bali’ that most visitors will never see
  • Connect with local people in their homes and villages
  • Encounter traditional healers and teachers
  • Join local ceremonies

Nourish Yourself

We also offer:

  • Personal growth seminars bridging East and West
  • Awareness Meditation
  • One-to-one Conversations on the Edge of Silence & Re•Patterning sessions

Just tell us what interests you, and we will endeavour to please!

Specific services for individuals, couples or small groups

Revitalization & Renewal   – Available to all Nirarta guests on request
Twice-daily Group Meditation   Open to all guests with some experience of meditation
Awareness Meditation – Foundation Course   5-lesson instruction in the fundamentals of our gentle Awareness Meditation practice – for those new to meditation.
Healing Massage and Reflexology   Massage for relaxation, for enhancing health and well-being, or for addressing chronic and acute health issues.
Conversations on the Edge of Silence   One-to-one sessions to increase insight, resolve impasses, and awaken inner awareness
Re•Patterning   2-3 hour one-to-one session to explore and update your defining life-patterns
Innerdance   2-3 hour one-to-one and group sessions to open to inner energy and support powerful growth and insight in your life
Self-unfolding Movement   Free movement to open body, mind, and spirit
Touching the Sacred in Daily Life   Participate in the sacred rhythms of Balinese life – preparing offerings, prayer, ceremony, cleansing blessing, visiting temples, sacred sites, traditional healers and priests.

Guided Walks & Tours

Nine Directions Individual Guided Walks   Explore the hidden corners of the Sidemen Valley and learn about the people and area you are visiting with our helpful staff
Sacred Bali Tours   And if you would like to venture further afield, we offer 9 special tours to spiritual sites and points of interest primarily in East Bali. Most of these are full day tours.

'Hidden Bali' Holiday Packages


– To help you get to know the real Bali.

Hidden Bali Introduction   A 4-day taste of Balinese life in the Sidemen valley.
A Healing Week In Bali   Give yourself a full week of nourishment and inspiration in beautiful surroundings,as you open your heart to nature and to the healing spirit of life.




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