Self-Unfolding Movement

Self-Unfolding Movement

Enjoy Living Awareness through Self-Unfolding Movement

Self-Unfolding Movement – also known as ‘free movement’, ‘authentic movement’, ‘spontaneous movement’, or ecstatic dance – involves allowing the body to move freely, naturally, and spontaneously.

This process opens up the subtle energy channels of the body, cleansing inner blocks, and releasing joy, happiness, and aliveness.

Peter first encounterd Self-Unfolding Movement through spontaneous experiences arising in deep meditation – a process further stimulated by practice of Maharish Mahesh Yogi's 'Yogic Flying'.

Over the past twenty years, Peter has also explored a number of forms of Self-Unfolding Movement and ecastatic dance. These have included the work of Gabrielle Roth, whose practice of 5 Rhythms has been particularly influential.

He is also familiar with the work of a number of Balinese teachers and healers that incorporates some elements of Self-Unfolding Movement and dance in their work.

He has also drawn inspiration from Nature. For instance, his 'Energy Meditation' practice arose spontaneously in deep mediitation beneath a sacred tree in Bali.

If you already practice some form of Self-Unfolding Movement, it is possible to explore movement together in forms with and without music.

If you would like to explore Self-Unfolding Movement as a way of releasing stress and tension, developing your confidence and expressiveness, and accelerating the process od development in your self, please let us know and we can arrange sessions at Nirarta or contact with teachers in Bali working in this way.

Sessions of Self-Unfolding Movement are held in our airy wooden-floored meeting room.


Sessions of Self-Unfolding Movement are available when Peter is at Nirarta. Ask for availability.