Awakening Inner Energy to Free Body, Mind, and Spirit
Getting Settled for Group Innerdance at Nirarta with Founder Pi Villaraza

As we gently open to the deep and powerful inner impulse of Life – the innerdance – we

  • free the subtle energy channels of the body
  • release old blocks and tension in the bodymind
  • enliven our vital essence, Living Awareness


  • unleashing our natural expressiveness
  • awakening our natural dynamism and charisma
  • stimulating health, vitality, and presence

and, above all, we enjoy a deeping loving connectedness to self, to others, and to our world

Price: € 35 special individual session. For group sessions, please ask
Duration: 2-3 hours
Exclusions: Credit card charges, bank transfer fees, govt taxes and fees.



Innerdance is the natural vital energy flowing through our bodies and through all things. It is the dance of life. In the practice of innerdance, we surrender to our inner process, and in that delicate space between complete restfulness and dynamic activitity, the bodymind begins to unfold itself to itself by itself.

What happens is different each time, and different for each of us. What needs to happen for our release and well-being happens naturally and spontaneously in each moment for each person.

According to where we are in our lives and in our process, we may, by moments, experience deep stillness, spontaneous physical release, unexpected twists and turns, deep life insights, and at times visionary brilliance.

As we relax the control normally imposed by the conscious mind, supported by the musical accompaniment of the innerdance playlist, we

  • release old holding patterns in the body
  • free stuck emotions
  • become more at home 'in the body'
  • heal many psychosomatic conditions
  • enjoy deep life understanding and insight
  • recover the spontaneity and aliveness we enjoyed as a child

Structure of the Session

Settling together into a shared direction of inwardness, before the innerdance proper, what we receive during the main part of the process, as we pass through a number of waves within the larger arc of the session, is deepened and integrated in the vital process of shared reflection afterwards.

Background and Origins

Forms of Self-Unfolding Movement with and without music have appeared spontaneously in every age and culture. Terms such as ‘authentic movement’, ‘spontaneous movement’, ecstatic dance, or 'sacred ecstatics', 'divine rapture', etc.,have pointed to the joyful and liberating capacity of the bodymind to discover its blissful inner freedom and vitality. Such was the original inspiration of movements such as the Quakers and Shakers in the west, of Devishes and Bhaktas in the East, among many others.

This particular strand manifested itself in the world through Pi Villaraza, a Filipino teacher who first experienced it in the late 2000s, going on to explore and deepen his understanding of the nature and implications of this phenomenon, not only for his own life, but in the history of humanity, particular at this perilous juncture we face in our world at this time.

Peter's Experience of Innerdance

Peter first discovered innerdance in January 2017 and attended four innerdance energy schools to develop understanding of the practice and develop facilitation skills. He has attended numerous events exploring the framework and implications of this process. Since 2017, has been writing an extensive book on his experience of innerdance, entitled, Encountering Innerdance, in collaboration with the founder of innerdance, Pi Villaraza.


Sessions of innerdance for individuals and groups are available on request when Peter is at Nirarta.
Please enquire about availability.


Group Share at Nirarta
Demonstration of process at innerdance energy school

Pi Villaraza, founder of innerdance


'Innerdance was amazing. I felt as if I let go of everything that was holding me back and discovered a freedom that I didn't know was so close at hand.'
– A L, China, 2017

'Not only did my body feel amazingly alive, it was as if my inner eye was opened to the vastness and beauty of our cosmos.'
– G V, Italy, 2019

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