Living Awareness Seminars

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Our Approach


Unfolding Living Awareness in Daily Life



Our seminars stimulate

  • Deep transformation in individuals and groups
  • Inner awakening, to our true nature and birthright
  • Unfolding in harmony wiith the natural flow of life itself

Our aim: Living Awareness – celebrating and enjoying life in its fullness aind Wholeness

Our approach is

  • Holistic – including Body, Mind, Feelling, and Spirit
  • Integrative – drawing on the best of East and West
  • Inspired by the deep core of the traditional Wiisdom of Bali

Our programmes are guided by Nature's 'Way of Unfolding', represented by a blooming lotus or mandala.

Every programme touches the radiant petals of this lotus, cultivating and strenghening opposites, both

  • Deeper Inwardness and bolder Expression
  • Clearer Direction and stronger Connection and Relationships

Through opposites, we both draw on and enliven the deep Awareness at the centre of all our experience.


Personal Development Programmes

A powerful holistic programme, foregrounding Expression

Becoming All That We May Be – From Deep Transformation to Living Awareness

(10 nights, 9 days)



For those keen to express more of their creative potential, while realizing their True Nature

A profound inner journey to connect with, and actualize in daily life, the well-springs of creativity and confident expression deep within us.


Cultivating Inwardness through the practice of meditation

Awarenesss Meditation: Foundation Course Package

(5 nights, 5 days)


Meditation Intensive for those new to meditation who would like a solid introduction.



Living Awareness Meditation Intensive:Unfolding Inner Energy and Awareness

(5 days and 5 nights)


For those who would like to deepen their practice of meditation and accelerate realization of their true nature.

Instruction in, and extended experience of, ‘Living Awareness Meditation’ – a simple yet profound way to calm body and mind, connect with our Source and enjoy greater energy, intelligence, balance and well-being in daily life.

Living Awareness Meditation brings traditional Balinese wisdom to life as a doorway to Awakening.


Enriching our ability to Connect in and through all our relationships

The Alchemy of Love: Transforming Relationship

(8 nights 7 full days)


For those who would like to open the heart and deepen their relationships, connectedness, and belongingness.

In this seminar, for individuals and couples,we embrace and deepen four levels of relationship, notably with

  • Self
  • Others (couples, groups)
  • Nature
  • The Divine

From a deep connection with ourselves, in the crucible of Love, we deepen our capacity for intimacy, service, purposefulness, and passion – fundamentals of loving relationships.


Strengthening & sharperning the Direction and focus of our Lives

Discovering and Aligning the Deep Patterns Shaping the Direction of Our Lives

(6 nights, 6 days)



For those who would like to

  • Deepen their self-knowledge
  • Discover the deep patterns determining their lives
  • Realign the direction and focus of their lives
  • Transcend old patterns
  • Awaken to the Living Source within and beyond all Pattern

(In Preparation)



Awakening to the Centre and Source within ouselves and all things

Living Awareness – Awakening to the Source Within

(7 nights, 6 days)


For those who would like to know and realize their True Nature in daily life.

Awareness is the

  • source and ground of our thinking, feeling, and perceiving.
  • basis of our learning and knowing,
  • key to effectiveness in action.

In this seminar, we explore the nature of our awareness, and the relationship of perception and action to their silent Source in the Non-Dual.

We explore ways to recognize and realize that inexhaustible Creative Source in daily life, so that we can rest in our true nature, while coming into alignment with the pattern unfolding in the world around us.

In this way, we can be, what we always were, peace itself, beyond all our knowing, while the fullest possibilities for clarity and creativity, dynamism and delight can manifest from the Source through us in daily life. Details



Professional Development Programmes

In conjunction with the
International Academy for Transformational Coaching and Leadership


Dynamics of Deep Transformation
(13 days, 14 nights)

Tuning into and influencing the life patterns and personal epistemology of our clients.

For coaches. counsellors, therapists, etc. who really want to get to the core of deep transformation.

The programme works on two levels. Participants learn to master the dynamics of deep transformation and while experiencing deep transformation in themselves in the process.

This course enables participants to begin implementing the principles and practice of Re•Patterning in their one-to-one work with clients. Details



Diploma in Transformational Coaching and Leadership

Supporting Change, Learning, and Growth in Self and Others

Level 1 - Facilitating Change:


Enhancing Performance and Alignment (12 days)

Helping the client make changes in internal and external behaviour.


Level 2 - Unfolding Excellence:


Accelerated Learning - When Performance Meets Alignment (12 days)

Helping the client enhance learning ability and revise interfering attitides and beliefs.


Level 3 - Dynamics of Deep Transformation:


Tuning into and Influencing the Life Patterns and Personal Epistemology (12 days) (see above)

Supporting growth and development in the client through the art of Re•Patterning, in particular (see above).


Level 4 – Working with Groups and Larger Systems

  Deeepening the qualities of leadership in the coach, while supporting the unfolding of leadership qualities among members of the groups, teams, and organizations he or she is assisting.

Becoming a Master at supporting the process of Unfolding – including change, learning, and grrowth as a whole– whether in individuals or groups (16 days)

    For details of these Diploma courses, see our Academy website.



Transformational Leadership Series

Fundamentals of Transformational Leadership
(5 days)


Developing the Art of Self Leadership

Creativity and Leadership
(4 days)

  From Vision to Action

Holistic Thinking
(4 days)

  Riding the Wave of Change