Bali Guided and Self-Guided Retreats at Nirarta

We can help you

  • unleash the power of deep transformation,
  • accelerate inner awakening, and
  • ease the path of unfolding


Compare least to most intense retreat experience.

Self-Guided Retreats

Guided Retreat Package

The Nirarta Experience Guided Retreats


Self-Guided Package

Time Out – Mini

Time Out

Design your own retreat

Self-guided with some orienting structure & guidance

Gentle guided retreat to align self & awaken to Spirit

An Encounter With Yourself
These 2 retreats offer more intense one-to-one work and proportionately more silence to stimulate deep transformation

Your choice

6 nights, 5 full days

7 nights, 6 full days

6 nights, 5 full days

10 nights, 10 days

€ 0
+ meals, accommodation

€ 585

€ 1565

€ 1550

€ 2395

Retreat Benefits

Retreats help Simplify

  • resolve dilemmas
  • make difficult choices
  • clarify purpose and direction
  • release the burdens of responsibility
  • attain a new vision and inspiration

Retreats help Energize

  • gain fresh energy, courage, and strength
  • align heart, mind, spirit, and passion

Retreats help you Connect

  • connect with the Divine Other
  • receive guidance and grace
  • listen to the small, still voice of Wisdom, Beauty, and Truth in the Heart
  • know the true Self

Why Nirarta?

Your retreat at Nirarta is profoundly supported by our:

  • close proximity to nature
  • simple yet comfortable accommodation
  • nourishing surroundings
  • orienting philosphy and inspiration
  • balanced and holistic approach
    • supporting change, learning, and growth
    • bridging the psychological and the spiritual
    • sensitive to the larger pattern unfolding in your life
  • skill and experience in Transformational Coaching, holisitic counselling and spiritual guidance
  • respect for the power of Silence as the ultimate Source of resolution and inspiration

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Dayu Mayuni

Nirarta Centre for Living Awareness
Address: Sidemen, Karangasem 80864, Bali, Indonesia

Tel:+62 811 388 0065 or +62 366 5551124

Mobile:+62 81 246 52 123

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