Dayu Mayuni

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Peter's wife graciously oversees most of the day-to-running and administration of Nirarta, as well as the traditional offerings for maintaining balance and harmony in the grounds and honouring the various special feast days and festivals in the Balinese calendar.

Mother of Maya and Mira, who are now in prrimary school in Sidemen, Dayu is from a Brahmin family of the Bajing branch of the Manuaba clan and a direct descendent of Danghyang Nirarta, the great sage who did much to integrate Buddhism and Hinduism in Bali, and whose name honours our Centre.

Before coming to Nirarta, Dayu, one of eight children, lived with her extended family in the quiet county town of Amplapura, 25 kms from Sidemen.

The Sidemen Connection

Her family were based in Sidemen many generations ago. A branch of her family still lives in Sindhu to the north of the village, where the grandfather and grandmother serve the community as high priests, sweet and beautiful, like rishis of old, in a peaceful, 'Griya' (Brahmin home), where we often take guests for cleansing blessings.

Their son, a science teacher and herbalist, is head of the Sidemen Middle School, while their daughter weaves the local ceremonial 'Songket' sarongs, when not busy with traditional duties.

The Healing Connection

Several generations ago, a branch of the family settled in the peaceful village of Bungaya, not far from Amlapura. From there, Dayu's great grandfather, a famous healer, relocated to Amlapura in the last century, starting a new 'Griya' to the north of the town.

Her grandfather and uncles continued on a more limited scale the great-grandfather's healing work, while on her mother's side, Dayu's grandmother was also a healer and ecstatic mystic in the popular tradtion.

From Here On

Still discovering her way, Dayu has a deep sense of the spirit of our Centre and a quick sense of what is needed to keep us on track. In 2007, she trained as a practitioner of Transformational Coaching and hopes to train as a Yoga instructor in 2009.




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