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A natural pattern of growth and evolution runs through both nature and our lives

This is the simple insight that guides The Nirarta Centre for Living Awareness.

We call it ‘The Way of Unfolding’ or the way things happen.

Gregory Bateson aptly termed this as ‘the pattern which connects’. (Gregory was an early visitor to Bali with his partner Margaret Mead.)

Align with the Pattern

As we grow in alignment with the pattern unfolding within and without us, our lives become easier, innocently sustained by the natural flow of life itself.

This notion has guided and sustained Balinese culture for centuries, and it is at the heart of what we offer in and through Nirarta.

Nirarta is a place where it becomes easier to sense the pattern unfolding in our own lives and to come into alignment with it.

Our various programmes in different ways aim to support that process of alignment, so that the purpose, passion, and inspiration of what we do in life is nourished and enriched on our return.

Change, Learning, and Growth

For human beings, the gradual unfolding of a lifetime happens through the natural processes of change, learning, and growth.

  • Change happens when our circumstances or our habits of body and mind alter
  • Learning involves the ability to anticipate, initiate and respond to change. It includes know-how but also the battery of beliefs that orient our responses to the world
  • Growth involves development in the person as a whole.

Besides creating a safe and serene holding environment, much of what we offer at Nirarta in our one-to-one work, retreats, and seminars is to help those who come here.

  1. deal with external changes occurring in their lives
  2. identify and initiate shifts in behaviour, focus, or direction
  3. set up and consolidate the kind of deep learning that will support such change
  4. support the natural process of growth that is bringing a person to a new level of integration

Our aim at Nirarta is thus to support the natural process of unfolding in a person's life by helping them make changes, learn, and grow.

Beyond that we endeavour to create a context in which people can become aligned with the process of unfolding itself.

When that happens, what we create and what we receive from life come into balance and harmony, as expressions of the Unfolding itself.

Realizing this fully is Awakening to Living Awareness, platform for a life well-lived.








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