Innerdance Energy School (IDES)
Transformation and Awakening through the Unfolding of Inner Energy

Gunung Agung, the embodiment of silent presence, heartbeat of the Balinese way of wisdom

How your Life and Work can be Enriched by Unleashing the Creative and Transformative Power of Innerdance

For those who would like to deepen their ability to accelerate their own development, better understand that development, while learning how to support growth and developmemt in other

  • Learn easily to access and unleash inner energy
  • Learn how that inner energy opens your heart, while healing and renewing mind and body
  • Discover the extraordinary transformational power of innerdance for yourself, for others, and for the group
  • Learn to let heightened energy and awareness imbue your life and work
  • Learn and grow in what you need to support growth in others through innerdance
  • Explore the holistic frames bridging history, psychology, neurology, cultural studies, etc. that help us approriately situate innerdance, enlightening and supporting our own and others' experience
  • Enjoy the beauty and peace of Nature as a powerful partner in your unfolding
  • Renew yourself in our magical and subtly supportive healing retreat at the heart of the Sidemen valley


Price: € 480 (US$ 555)
Commences: 1 - 6 September 2018
Duration: 5 nights, 4 full days and 2 half days
Inclusions: Twin-share accommodation, all meals, course fee, traditional blessing, participation in twice-daily group Awareness Meditation practice. Govt taxes and basic service
Options: Room sole occupancy: additional €100 for 5 nights.
Exclusions: Credit card charges, bank transfer fees. Any costs for outing on day off. Airport transfer
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Description – What is IDES?

The innerdance energy school (IDES) is an experiential learning process based on authenticity, empowerment, healing, and transformation. It focuses on several different scientific frameworks derived from foundational teachings within the fields of neurology, psychology, sociology, linguistics, ecology and culture.

This process is unique in its ability to relevantly relate to all people on a platform that transcends any cultural, religious, or geographic barriers within the constructs of either time or space. As IDES deconstructs past knowledge to support a deeper connection to true inner wisdom and knowing, each participant contributes to the dialogic nature that makes every ides process different and ever evolving.

IDES leads us into the deep structure of our consciousness as we explore our perceptions and internal energy dynamics. It weaves transformation work and healing through energy, brain states, biochemical feedback and consciousness.

A type of journeying into the mind, ides reaches deep within the realms of logic and intuition to expand cognition through resonance. Designed as a non-linear system that creates a platform for exploring the multifaceted internal energy system within each one of us, the ides process both metacognitively analyzes and experientially processes the energy wave that is always shifting towards an awareness of the unitive state.

The learning process takes place in the unlearning of old systems and conditionings that participants are ready to let go of. It is especially relevant for those who are ready to access their own self as a source of truth, power, and service.

Through this process of Self-demystification, understanding of the underlying scientific and energetic workings of the mind and body grow as participants gain a deeper knowing of Who and What they truly are.

About This 5-Day Process

This training is designed to introduce and build on the basic innerdance frameworks, utilising the languaging, patterns, and information within the foundational concepts, diagrams and models to deepen participant understanding and awareness of mandalic whole system approaches of integration and insight within the breadth of innerdance cognition and practice.

The 5-day course provides participants with a timeframe for theory, immersion, experience, and integration. Each day consists of dialogue and demos in the morning and a group innerdance process followed by sharings and Q&A in the afternoon.

The IDES process is an emergent evolution. Both Pi and Serena are continuously working with facilitators, participants, researchers, philosophers, doctors, scientists and creatives to network together and make visible wholeness systems for learning and sharing, ways of dialoguing, and key aspects of the underlying patterns that structure and formulate language, thought, inquiry, emotion, sensation and vibratory expression. The basic frameworks of the IDES are readily available through online videos, documents, audio files and music facilitation guides. What the 5-day IDES process has brought to the global innerdance community in the last 5 years continues to deepen and change as feedback, insight, and intuition propels us into the year 2018 and beyond. What now emerges, greatly contributes to all conscious energy flows across the planet as this too is in constant change.



  • Systems of interpretation experientially remembered through dialogue, narrative, and ANS (autonomic nervous system) responses
  • Energy as a wave in connection to REM sleep cycles, brainwaves, sound, metacognitive processing, and socio-cultural structures
  • 12 Stages of Transformation
  • Cognitive resonance in relation to dimensional avoidance, dissonance, and inhibition cycles
  • Symbolic, metaphoric, and deep structures of language
  • Time and space deconstruction through dreamwork and dreaming awake
  • Bodywork - deeper integrations of experiential learning and insight through symmetrical and synergistic response
  • Emotional mapping – the deeper mandallic structures of nature in the pathology of energy
  • Family systems in relation to energy management cycles and embedded patterns from childhood
  • The spiritual science of the brain in neurology and homeostasis
  • The Innerdance Experience as Flow: Holding space as a facilitator
  • Understanding the Waves: brainwave states, sound frequencies, and the 60-90 minute innerdance wave flow


Day 1 (1 September 2018) Arrival by 12.30, lunch, registration, and afternoon session.

Days 2, 3, 4, 5

Day 6 Departure (after 14.00)

Typical daily routine:

  • 7.30-8.15 Morning Stretching, Awareness Meditation, and Energy Practice (Optional)
  • 8.30-9.30 Breakfast
  • 10:00-13:00 Morning Session: Participant check-in, dialogue and demos
  • 13:00-14:30 Lunch Break (delicious vegan lunch options available)
  • 14:30-18:00 Afternoon Session: Q&A, innerdance group process and sharing circle
  • 18.00-18.45 Evening Stretching, Awareness Meditation, and Energy Practice (Optional)
  • 19.00-20.00 Dinner

More Photos

Demonstration of Innerdance
Serena Olsen, Innerdance
In conversationIn conversation





'Serena brings a profound mix of personal experience and intellectual understanding of the frames around innerdance. She knows Pi's thinking and work inside out, yet brings her own atmosphere, insight, and expression to the facilitation of innerdance.'
– P. W., UK, 2018

'The awesome beauty of The Nirarta Center provides a magnificent “Holding Environment” for the words that point to that which is beyond words.'
D. O., VT, 2015

'Serena is ONE of a kind - divinity opening the space around her to magic.'
– S. A., Norway, 2018

'Made a huge difference to how I felt about myself, how I handled my team back at work.'
I. S., France, 2012

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